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Made for Mini Jam 45 (Theme: Dungeons - Limitation: Pocket-sized), by

Umur Altürk (xumr) - Programming
Melisa Peköz (silvaerial) - Artwork

Font - Lacquer


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Great arkwork and gameplay i would love some more chapters to the game if its not discontinued kind of like a cleanup game but with bee people!


the graphıcs were pretty good. good job!

Graphics are amazing ! Story too ! Unless the "Gameplay" I really liked it !


Fantastic job on this, what a little torment to a little wasp in a little cell in a little beehive (¬‿¬)

Love it so muchಥ_ಥ


So 3 cells is the max A person can do? Good news is I can go to past cells and redo them, There is no fighting or solution, I never felt a Pocket sized theme, though I can maybe slightly stretch say these are dungeon cells for prisoners maybe? I'm a bit confused but neat game nonetheless! :)


Awesome visuals and a great style!


superb stuff, loved the graphıcs and anımatıon, a+