The library will soon be covered by sand and all will be lost, your tutor sends you on a quest to save the most important book in the library and share the knowledge with future generations.

Made for Game Jam Round 2 by BackTrace (Theme: Share knowledge), by

Umur Altürk (xumr) - Programming
Melisa Peköz (silvaerial) - Artwork, Level Design
Akil Doruk Yılmaz - Audio

Backtrace project instance link:
Teaser gameplay footage:


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Fun - nice job


The art is very charming, and the game makes me want to learn more of the characters that we see! The Library itself looks very impressive (and the sand physics when you get near are very fun to play with heehee) Overall, I love the message that it gives with the theme. "Share knowledge", to help the next in line, to preserve what you and your ancestors knew. And of course, the passing on of knowledge, of history, of experience will be passed on over and over again.. I really loved it, thank you for the cute game! ^^

Thank you so much for the lovely reply! We are glad the sand physics were fun to play with and that you enjoyed the game :)

this is really great! the pixel-art is fantastic. nice job :)

Thank you so much!